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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is The Site Central?

The Site Central is a solution for those who do not want to deal with website management. It exists to help individuals and businesses be more productive by encouraging them to trust the management of their online presence to us, and let them focus on how they can grow their business. If needed, The Site Central can also also provide cost-effective hardware and software solutions that empowers clients and increase productivity even further in their day to day tasks. 

2. Why was The Site Central created?

Two reasons. First, the ongoing pandemic caused businesses to shut down and affected the livelihood of a lot of people around the world. Some of them have turned to selling and doing businesses online, but with a couple of issues – they do not know how to begin and maintain a website; and looking after their site is time-consuming. As a result, they lost valuable time in getting more profit injected into their businesses. This is where The Site Central comes in. We take care of everything related to your website. Second, a major factor that people is complaining about is the fee associated in creating a decent website. We wanted to have a win-win situation where we provide you with an affordable, stress-free, and effective website solution. At the same time, you provide jobs to people across the globe. We want to help those who have been stood down from their jobs or have been completely retrenched because of COVID by hiring them and giving them as many hours as we can no matter where they are in the world.

3. Why do you have pre-defined templates?

Having these templates provide you with solutions that are affordable. If you can afford to get a website built from scratch, then feel free to contact us here and we can discuss.

4. Are change requests to your site’s content and color scheme really unlimited?


5. Can we have access to our website?

We encourage you to take advantage of the package that you have sign-up for. Providing you with access to your site not only will it potentially cause damage to your online presence, but you are also going to create problems that are costly.

6. Why is there no domain name registration involved in the sign-up process?

This part is included in the sign-up process. If you have an existing domain, we will provide you with the details in an email once we have confirmed your registration and payment. On the other hand, if you do not have one yet, you will have the opportunity to check availability of your preferred domain name prior to completing the sign-up form.

6. Will you have more templates?

Most definitely. We are constantly updating our template database to provide you with unique and beautiful options.

7. What if I want a custom made website?

As long as you are willing to invest on it, then we can discuss about it. Keep in mind, design and development of such website will take time and resources as you can appreciate, it is not an easy task especially if there are APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) involved. Feel free to contact us here to progress.

8. How do I submit a request?

Once we received your subscription form and payment has been cleared, we will provide you with a username and password for your ticket portal. We do this to avoid unnecessary work and ensure the efficiency of the whole process. You can then login using the provided credentials and submit a request as as many times as you can. You will also need to login to keep track of your ticket which will be attended to within 24 hours or less.

9. What is the best way of seeking support from The Site Central?

By submitting a request ticket online. Contacting us by phone may not necessarily be quick enough for you unlike submitting a request from the support portal.

10. How do I get the E-Learning platform option?

Provide your name, email, contact, domain if there is one, and the number of users in the contact form. As soon as receive your details, we will be in touch with you to get the next steps going?

11. Can I apply for a job at your company? 

We are always on the lookout for TSC Executives (Sales). Occasionally, we may hire TSC Experts (Technical). If you feel like applying, kindly submit your latest CV to info@thesitecentral.com. Everyone is welcome no matter what where you are in the world as long as you have a relatively decent internet connection and a computer.


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